A note from the Co-Founder of Color Film, D’arby Rose:

After exploring our options, bandwidth, hopes, and goals, as of today, all Color Film programming, events, and social media activity will pause.

Pause, halt, hiatus – essentially, a break, a long breath, to re-shift and refocus. While I have some ideas for down the road, I don’t know what will end up happening next for Color Film, but I look forward to crossing paths with each and every one of you in the future.

I am grateful for this community platform and the people that Color Film has connected, especially in the past recent months. I am grateful that Color Film has been able to bring value, knowledge, resources, calibration, jobs, and new light into people’s lives. I am grateful that co-founder, Lindsey Esplin, and I got the chance to co-create a mobile community space of safety, inclusion, self-exploration and expression, and education. One that has included movie nights, a sold-out self-defense workshop, educational workshops, meetups (what’s up Connect meet up folks!), partnered events with other organizations, professional consultations, a social media presence of resources and education, friendships, and an incredible community that we are so proud to stand with.

Creating, building, and running Color Film has been an experience that I’m still processing, but my gratitude for what this community space has brought into my life, what it’s taught me, and what I’ve been able to prove to myself that I can do, especially co-building and co-running it with Lindsey, is priceless and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for it. What I’ve been able to do in Color Film has been perfect, because I feel like the mission I am on for globalizing intersectional feminism and dismantling bullshit white supremacy and the patriarchy has not always fit into the box of a script as a filmmaker – it fit perfectly into the infinite expanding box of Color Film.

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